Michael Bay
His love of music began at an early age listening to his parents “Hi Fi record albums” and watching artists perform on TV variety shows in the early 60’s. His thoughts of becoming part of the music he loved began when he found his grandma’s old guitar under the couch; he began teaching himself how to make it talk. Allowing the curiosity of this new, musical part of his life to take over, Michael Bay began his uphill journey toward his present day profession – “I just play guitar”. That journey began over 40 years ago. Ask him what he loves about being a professional guitarist and accomplishing a dream “Being blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and the ability to share it with others.”

Along his journey he has been inspired by his mentor and teachers; Ralph Russo and Phil Rizzo. He earned a Music Performance Degree from The Modern Music School while working a full time job as a welder to make ends meet. “I hated my day job and looked forward to playing out in the evenings after work. About 30 years ago, I felt I was ready to take the risk to begin my professional music career, and quit being a welder. I had studied and practiced very hard to get to that level; and haven’t looked back since.”

Popular, as well as obscure artists have inspired Michael Bay’s melodic sound and improvisational style. His musical influences have been numerous with its beginning in country and pop bands of the 60’s to rock, jazz and blues guitar greats; Glen Campbell, Eric Clapton, Jim Hall, David Gilmore, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Pass and Ed Bickert, to name a few. Michael Bay has paid the dues of a struggling artist honing his skills toward perfection. He’s the first to admit he is far from perfect, but ask his fans who having been coming out weekly for years… “It’s like his guitar has feelings, and he takes us all along for the emotional ride”.

Accomplishments include 30 years as a professional guitarist, A highly respected influence in the NE Ohio Music Community, Best known in the Jazz and Blues scene in Cleveland, “Jam Master” at Cleveland’s longest running Blues Jam at The Parkview Nightclub (Michael and his band, The Bad Boys of Blues, began this jam in the mid 1990’s). Michael's career included being a guest guitarist on numerous CD’s, in live performances, and special events with artists both local and international.

In the late 1980’s Michael Bay took his skills to the next level and began teaching guitar at DiFiore’s Music in Cleveland, The Broadway School of Music (satellite of Cleveland Music School Settlement) and various other music stores and colleges in the Cleveland area. 2000 brought Michael Bay the opportunity to branch out on his own and The Guitar Conservatory, under his direction, began. “I was blessed to have the parents, teachers and mentors I had who encouraged me. Teaching is my way of giving back to them and encouraging the dreams of others.”

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